This project is about the dynamic corporeal properties of glass: a material that has the unique ability to operate on light waves such that the phenomena of reflection, refraction, and transmission take place simultaneously. This physical property is only partially exploited with today’s popular use of glass in architecture – transparency and visual continuity.

Here, glass is seen as a device placed between interior and exterior spaces. Through the specific manipulations of solar light waves, dictated by the surface geometry, the material can affect an interior space and therefore its occupants. In other words, the project puts the physical properties of glass in resonance with the dynamics of the sun in an attempt to affect advantageously the interior condition.

Prototypes were created by CNC milling the panes to specific angles calculated to reflect summer solar radiation yet harvest winter solar radiation for a skylight in Toronto. The result is an insulated glazing unit with non-parallel air-to-glass and glass-to-air interfaces to achieve specific reflection and refraction functionality. The surface geometry of the glass panes are related to the angle of incident sunlight and to the glass index of refraction.

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